Welcome to the Raindrops on Petals™ online library where you will find a great selection of courses from around the world exploring social justice and building a deeper understanding of issues around social justice and fairness for all.

At Raindrops on Petals™, we believe that learning is a source of human progress and achieving enduring change. We are deeply committed to providing relevant and actionable learning that furthers the cause of social justice in our world.

For anyone seeking to learn more about social justice and overcoming racial inequality, we have available a collection of courses to help deepen our understanding of these vital issues. These courses come from world-renowned experts and thought leaders.

⦁ Raindrops on Petals™ employees are making financial donations to organizations dedicated to ending racism and promoting social justice.
⦁ We are going to fund new courses dedicated to educating our global community on the topics of anti-racism, diversity, social justice, and inclusion.
⦁ We are expanding our social impact program to provide free Coursera catalog access to additional organizations serving underrepresented communities.
⦁ We are going to intensify our efforts towards hiring, developing, and retaining a more diverse workforce at Raindrops on Petals™
All courses are free and available to take online:

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