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[London UK, 10/10/2023] The UK Management company Raindrops on Petals Ltd is pleased to announce that the Ghana-based Raindrops on Petals Limited is raising $1 million dollars with FasterCapital’s Acceleration Program. Raindrops on Petals is building a fintech software tailored for the music industry. The cutting-edge auditing software, promises to transform the music sector’s financial landscape with equity and transparency for royalty management, and revenue distribution within the music industry.

The startup also plans to enter the beauty market and provide a solution for cosmetics trademark expansion.

Raindrops on Petals is founded by Bianca Clinton a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse background in law and management and Amanda Clinton with qualifications in law from both Ghana and England. Bianca Clinton is a seasoned businesswoman with a wealth of experience in both national and international markets.In her career she has worked with some of the largest professional services firms globally such as the World Bank Group, Washington D.C HQ as a Technical Expert Consultant covering the ECOWAS region and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Switzerland as a Legal Manager.  UK Raindrops on Petals manages Ghana Raindrops on Petals Ltd however it’s relationship relates to partial management and not a parent controlling holding structure.

The Acceleration program provides startups with all the support they need to get funded. The team at FasterCapital provides internal feedback and angel feedback on the materials of the company and help the startups’ team prepare for approaching investors before matching the startup with a large network of funding sources. Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital, comments, “FasterCapital has been supporting many innovative startups from Ghana. We are pleased to be working with the team at Raindrops on Petals.” SOURCE: https://fastercapital.com/news/ghana-based-raindrops-on-petals-is-raising-1m-with-fastercapitals-acceleration-program-2.html


Press Release: Raindrops on Petals Selected for NatWest Accelerator Programme

[London UK, September 2023] – Raindrops on Petals Ltd is thrilled to announce its selection for the prestigious NatWest Accelerator Programme, a significant milestone for the company’s journey towards achieving business excellence and growth with the Natwest Bank Acclerator Program for 6 months – September 2023-February 2024 .

The NatWest Accelerator supports and empowers UK entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to the next level.

The Natwest Bank Accelerator programme specialising in wrap around support provides:

  • One-to-one coaching with experienced Natwest Bank Acceleration Managers
  • A programme of thought leadership and events
  • Access to a network of like-minded peers, supported by  Ecosystem Managers
  • Focused support with access to experts from across our specialist sectors
  • Use of modern co-working spaces in the nationwide hubs.

Why the  NatWest Accelerator Programme? The NatWest Accelerator Programme is tailored for businesses like Raindrops on Petals that possess a vision for expansion and the determination to take their ventures to the next level. As Raindrops on Petals key goals include to expand our team, explore new markets, and secure additional investment, this programme is designed to empower senior leadership of our company with the knowledge and skills to excel in various facets of our business. The comprehensive support covers areas such as:

  1. Accessing New Markets: Unlocking the potential of untapped markets and widen our business reach.
  2. Attracting Talent and Building an Effective Team: Learning strategies to attract top talent and cultivate a high-performing team.
  3. Access to Growth Funding: Gaining insights into securing the necessary capital for our business growth.
  4. Leadership Development: Developing Raindrops on Petal’s leadership skills and capabilities.
  5. Developing a Scalable Infrastructure: Creating a scalable and robust business infrastructure to support our growth.

Raindrops on Petals Ltd is excited about the opportunities this programme offers and looks forward to leveraging the expertise and resources provided by NatWest to achieve its ambitious goals.


Press Release: Raindrops on Petals Founder Bianca Clinton Awarded Partial Scholarship for Stanford Seed Aspire Business Growth Programme

[London UK, August 2023] – Raindrops on Petals Ltd is delighted to announce a significant achievement for its Founder, Bianca Clinton. She has been awarded a partial scholarship from the prestigious Stanford Seed-Graduate School of Business Aspire Business Growth Programme, an exclusive remote course designed for Founders and CEOs, which spans from 2023 to 2024. This scholarship underscores Bianca’s dedication to acquiring the skills, tools, and strategies required to accelerate the growth of Raindrops on Petals.

About the Learning Journey: The Aspire Business Growth Programme is a comprehensive initiative structured into seven distinct phases. Each phase focuses on different aspects of business management and growth:

PHASE 1: Get Set Up for Growth – Planning and Money: Preparation given for a journey of growth by establishing solid financial plans.

PHASE 2: Lead for Growth – Talent: Enhanced leadership skills to manage and develop a high-performing team.

PHASE 3: Identify Growth Opportunities – Customers: Exploring strategies for finding new avenues for business growth.

PHASE 4: Financial Analysis – Money:  Delving into the world of financial analysis to make informed business decisions.

PHASE 5: Build Talent Pipeline – Talent: Investing in human resources by building a skilled talent pool for our business.

PHASE 6: Plan for Growth – Planning: Creating an effective growth plan that aligns with our business goals.

PHASE 7: Growth Network: Collaborating with fellow business owners  to achieve growth goals through interactive virtual workshops, practical online tools and courses, and peer-group learning.

Infused with Stanford Seed Expertise: The unique Stanford Seed-sponsored edition of Aspire integrates the unparalleled expertise of Stanford Graduate School of Business Faculty.

Raindrops on Petals Ltd expresses immense pride in Bianca Clinton’s accomplishment. This scholarship is a testament to her unwavering commitment to fostering Raindrops on Petals’ growth and success.

For more information on the Stanford Seed-Graduate School of Business Aspire Business Growth Programme, please visit Stanford Seed

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